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The Shamba Horse
Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre
 Learn Archery
                Train to focus on your targets in life, Archery can improve your awareness to achieve...
                                                      Get involved in the action and Have a go!
                                                Book onto one of our courses, they are great fun!
       The Shamba Shooting Range
 WildCamp Bushcraft 
A Journey of Self Discovery
DISCOVER MORE ! and Get closer to nature along The Shamba Trail
Suprising what you find if you look close enough...
It's very
We need your help !
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Welcome to The Shamba Experience.

Come and enjoy various outdoor activities…

Call now or email us today to book and secure your place…

You can learn all about horses and how to care for them,

Gain vital survival knowledge on how to survive in the wild,

Learn how to focus on targets and become an Archer

Follow the Shamba trail to the Shamba Iron Age Roundhouse..

You can even really get involved and join the Shamba Guild

to train and become a volunteer Shamba Ranger and help to support the Horses.

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What is “The Shamba Experience” ?

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