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A Journey of Self Discovery
DISCOVER MORE ! and Get closer to nature along The Shamba Trail
Suprising what you find if you look close enough...
It's very
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The Shamba Experience


Dare To Believe

     OK WHY?  = The Gain, why we doing this?

Here are some reasons The Shamba Experience exists..

To raise awareness of Cancer Trust and numerous other charities

To bring lots of people together to create and build, share in personal and team building challenges Provide a fun location to enjoy many activities for all walks of life.

To answer the calling of your future, see The Shamba is a life compass.

Experience and learn new skills and adventures Provide a valuable asset to the Coveney Community

Connects people with the countryside

Provides loving Care and support of the 14 Rescue Horses that society didn’t want anymore.

offers therapeutic healing of all kinds to those in need of it

OK How about this as a concept 🙂 or Here’s a mad idea, however you answer this question, your thinking determines if The Shamba Experience is for you. Curious?


The Shamba Ship, that’s what best describes its mechanics, a vehicle to transport you into a new time zone where there is a new version of yourself. You see when you start along The Shamba Trail you are in a time zone and standing in longitude () Latitude() on this planet in your reality, you pass across a series of features all aimed at reducing your negative energy and increasing your positive so that by the time you get to the end point of The Shamba Trail you feel better, think better, lowered anxiety level, ideas from what you have just experienced with a clear refreshed and focused spiritual state of mind.


You see the objectives of building a Galleon/Ark are just simply to build a badge to mark the land to pin point the Shamba trail as a gateway to a new you.


The Shamba Ship might be described as a time machine. An unusual philosophy but one that is active and apparent in all of us, The Shamba identifies this as a zone that cant be contained in a camouflage of distracting media and chain’s of expectations of others. The .2nd Ship of the Fen as we all know the Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire in England is the First.


We believe The Shamba Experience offers hope and a place of solitude for people to find themselves again, thus improving the quality of their lives. Question is though do you “Dare To Believe” (in yourselves)




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