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The Shamba Horse
Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre
 Learn Archery
                Train to focus on your targets in life, Archery can improve your awareness to achieve...
                                                      Get involved in the action and Have a go!
                                                Book onto one of our courses, they are great fun!
       The Shamba Shooting Range
 WildCamp Bushcraft 
A Journey of Self Discovery
DISCOVER MORE ! and Get closer to nature along The Shamba Trail
Suprising what you find if you look close enough...
It's very
We need your help !
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The Shamba is a place for budding actors or people who want to enjoy adventure to come to learn develop a variety of skills. The Shamba Project has emerged and evolved to provide a location, resources, space, time, training to individuals and groups and as a place to come just to have FUN!

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