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The Shamba Experience launched SOS Shamba Outdoor Services in April 2017 and everything is working very successfully. There is a lot of positive energy and real excitement brewing here at The Shamba. Marketing is proving to be very effective, we have only handed out just a handful of leaflets and already orders are flowing in. SOS provides a very unique concept in the delivery of everyday services to the general public that have a genuine backbone purpose to care for feed and support all the rescued horses at The Shamba.

The Shamba Rangers all continue to work very hard as a team to ensure that our best efforts deliver a quick effective and reliable service to all our customers.  Included in the mix is a caring value to all customers jobs because the energy given to all tasks being applied has a unique quality inside it as it is also spent to care for all the horses and supported charities.


Please share this link to this post to help us promote our cause. The Horses will thank you for it when you come to visit them.



Tomorrow is World Cancer Day. As a cancer patient myself I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who is supporting Cancer Research.

I am keeping well and thoroughly enjoying life thanks to being part of a new trial drug research programme. Without these drugs I may not have been here today to write this post. I consider it a privilege to be part of the process which will lead to many thousands of lives being saved and enhanced in the future. I may be a lab rat but I am a happy and grateful one.

This seems a good time to also thank the amazing team at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge who always look after me so well. After so many visits they all feel like friends. I will see you all again next week.

Research is moving forward fast and with the help of all you wonderful people out there we will find cures for cancers currently thought of as incurable. Let’s celebrate tomorrow because even in the last year cancer research has taken incredible steps forward.

Have a great day everyone …..I will be

Jane Langley



Thank you for visiting the Shamba Experience, The team here on the Shamba are planning to be ready for the 1st of May 2017 to have most of the features and courses ready.

We still have a lot of work to complete so help is very much appreciated. if you find you have some time free between now and then, come along and join in the fun. call anytime to find out how you can get involved and what fun activities were going to be working on. even if you only want to come for a few hours a week, its a wonderful way to spend some time outdoors getting muddy around the horses and with a group of nice people all working together as a team.

Also all the horses could use a regular groom so you could help with this, Jane, Milly and Steve tend to do most of the grooming, mucking out and feeding but as there are 14 horses you can imagine how much time this can consume. so im pretty sure the horses will welcome you just as much as we will. fact why not come along and adopt a horse that you find you have a connection with, they all have varying personalities so finding one that likes you shouldn’t be too difficult especially if you take the time to come frequently to get to know them. The more time you give them the more they warm to you

There are fence posts and barns to paint, materials like straw bales, logs and timber that needs to be taken up to the roundhouse for construction using either wheel barrows of one of the tractors. David is aiming to have the roof on the roundhouse by March and getting involved in that construction will be great fun. We have the walls of the roundhouse to finish that involves weaving willow in and out of the wire mesh, then daubing with a mud and straw concoction to insulate it from the cold wind and rain, which can be quite ferocious as the roundhouse is situated in a wide open space with little protection from the elements.

We are also planning to build some shelters/huts close to the roundhouse using rustic building methods where groups of visitors can spend the night next to an open fire while enjoying night sky’s planet and satellite spotting. As the Shamba is located in a very rural area, the sky’s do seem to be that much clearer on good nights as the contamination from street lighting is greatly reduced opening up the opportunity to see more with telescopes and binoculars. Andy has a very good knowledge of star formations and points out with his laser pen the constellations. Very interesting to listen and learn.

There are lots of other features that we planning to build around the Shamba trail to enhance the visitors Shamba Experience but only volunteers get to know what they are before opening day.

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Today we have decided to resume frequent posts to keep visitors to the Shamba Experience up to date on progress and achievements.


WE the whole Shamba team Welcome you


return soon to catch up on fun and activity




As regular visitors to Fen Farm Supplies and Witcham Equestrian Centre, the team at The Shamba Experience are delighted that Katie is soon opening a country and equestrian store at the Witcham centre. Fen Farm Supplies currently stock all the fencing and farm items that we regularly need as well as having a really good variety of horse and animal feeds.

We are always made to feel most welcome and the service we receive is exceptional to also mention getting very good value for money with every purchase. We know we can rely on them having the things we need in stock knowing that the brand names they offer give us the best quality available.

The new shop will be called Cedars Country and Equestrian and will stock everything for horse and rider, also pet and country supplies. Cedars will be based within the equestrian centre on Mepal Road, Witcham. On the 1st of May, Katie is holding an open day with demos of natural horsemanship, fashion show, while you’re there you will get the chance to meet the horses, all the friendly staff and even try their horse simulator Gideon plus much more.

There will be refreshments and a chance to browse all the great top brand items they are stocking and Katie will be on hand to give expert advice. Doors open at 12.30 to 4pm so be there early to catch all the sessions on offer. Members from The Shamba Experience Team will be attending and we look forward to seeing you there!



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Busy, fun day at Shamba Farm. A good number of our Rangers and Junior Rangers came along to assist and enjoy a sunny day at the farm. New friend and Shamba Ranger Milly spent her first day here helping Jane with the horses and also worked very hard helping Glen with progress on the Iron Age Roundhouse.

Steve, with wife Wendee’s encouragement, did a fantastic job cutting all of the Shamba Trail with our small tractor. It looked great when he had finished, the perfect area to stroll, ride or enjoy a picnic. Brilliant result Steve! We think you may have a job for life there.

Glen, Andy and Milly spent the afternoon preparing the walls of the roundhouse for the next stage of the build which will be weaving the panels of willow. They worked tirelessly and got the job finished in record time!

Our junior rangers Oliver, Alex and Charlotte made best use of the good weather and had lots of fun riding around the newly cut trail taking turns on our buggy. They also enjoyed flying Oliver’s drone on the field adjacent to the trail, being careful not to scare the horses of course.

Charlotte, Steve and Wendee also assisted with the stable chores and horse grooming whilst Glen, Jane and Milly emptied all the barrows and tidied the yard.

Everyone had a very enjoyable and productive day. We are all now looking forward to the next one




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The Shamba Experience team leader Glen has recently bought himself an archery recurve bow and all the associated kit. As a key member of the team at The Shamba Experience Glen wanted to have personal knowledge of what it is like to participate in archery as this is one of the activities that we offer at Shamba Farm.
Today he was keen to experience setting it up and trying it out for the first time with the one to one guidance by Andy, our resident Grand National Archery Society, County Coach and International Archery Coach.

The bow is a Sebastian Flute Axiom recurve and the package Glen bought included everything necessary to start shooting up to First Class level.

Session one of his introduction to archery was to familiarise him with the equipment and introduce him to the sport and training regime he needs to follow to develop his skill level. Archery is a sport that combines physical skills with self awareness and psychological control.

Jane took some video footage of the session which you can see below. Glen did brilliantly on his first taster session and we all look forward to seeing how he progresses over the next few months. The challenge is to reach First Class Classification by the winter………watch this space on The Shamba Experience Website

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We thought the Spring was here At The Shamba Farm, the ground had dried out nicely and we had even been able to get the tractor out to cut the grass. However, last night and this morning we have had a deluge of rain, the stable yard is flooded,wheelbarrows full of water and we have been soaked to the skin. Still life goes on and the work continues in spite of the adverse conditions and squelching around through thick mud. All part of The Shamba Experience!

Jane has had to postpone delivery of the large round bale of hay for the field as the large tractor that brings it will really churn the ground up. Instead Glen has been to get a load of small bales to stock up supplies.

The poor rescue ponies looked very fed up but cheered up considerably when they saw us making their morning feeds. Our resident scrumper, Horace the pheasant, looked more like a drowned rat but still followed us around to share the feeds.