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We are currently developing, planning, sourcing and gathering the materials and volunteers required to build a full size Ship to sit on The Shamba.

The purpose of this is to create it as a marketing facility to raise awareness and support for the Melanoma UK Cancer Charity.Charities

The Shamba location in its very open and rural setting is an ideal place to position it as it will be seen for miles around. it will become a very attractive silhouette on the fen horizon  and a we hope become a huge tourist attraction to the Cambridgeshire and Ely tourist industry.


The Shamba Ship Project

The project will serve many objectives, primarily to raise awareness and funds to support the Melanoma UK Cancer research but also be a tourist attraction and a wonderful place for children to visit to use it to explore their imaginations for adventure.

It represents the ship of discovery to find a cure and help to save lives, thousands of them. so you see, this is a worthy cause.

The Ely cathedral is known locally as the Ship of the Fens, so we thought wouldn’t it be a fun adventure to actually build a Ship for the Fens.

So if you believe this is a good idea and would like to support it, GET ON BOARD, come along and join in the fun or if you think were a bunch of looney toons to do something so absurb then come alone anyway and have some fun


So, we have the location, were developing the plan, were gathering the materials and people, your support would be most sincerely appreciated..

If you would like to donate anything from funding, timber, tools and your ideas to perhaps some of your time, please contact us and have the courage to get involved.

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