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This area is intended to capture phrases sayings and slang used in the Horsey industry in case you don’t know what everybody is talking about.

Alfie at shamba Farm






Footie = means lame or sore feet

Green = Means the horse needs training

Nappy = Is a term when a horse is being uncooperative or leave another group of horses.

Broncing = Over energetic, Bucking, Rearing, Stroppy.

Novice = Horse/Rider

Frog = Part of a horses hoof

Bareback = Riding a horse without a saddle

Cob = Heavy traditional breed of horse/ Pony

Spooky = When a horse is jumpy and could take fright

Jumping = Riding your house over an obstacle

Join up = Natural horsemanship for bonding with your horse

Canter = Rhythm and the speed of the horse, gaite, Stride

ROR = Race horses that have been trained and rehabilitated into a new riding career

Hard feed = Any concentrated feed fed to horses i.e. not grass or forage

Haylage = Is a richer feed value, sweeter than hay, made out of three grasses, Rye grass, Coxspere and meadow which is all three put into one

Chaff = Is a malassed  based hard food

Feathers = The long hair on the lower part on a horses leg

Colt = Young horse between birth and 2 years old,  an un-castrated male horse

Filly =A young female horse of the same age as a colt

Gelding = Is a male horse that has unfortunately been castrated

Stallion = Is an entire un-castrated male horse.

Mare = Is an female horse from the ages of three and up

Withers = Is the thoratic vertebrae of the horses back – where the saddle sits

Rig = A castrated horse that still has hormones

Forlock = The horses fringe

Hack = Riding in the countryside

Schooling = Riding in an enclosed space

Mutual grooming = When horses are cleaning each other




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