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Shilo is a 5 year old 15.2hh chestnut gelding. We think he is shire/welsh/thoroughbred cross. Shilo was raised by Jane from a tiny foal of a few weeks old. He never knew his mother as he is a product of the racing industry foster mare system.

This is where mares are put in foal just for their own foal to be taken at birth so that the mare can be sent away to foster a valuable race horse foal. Many of these foals don’t survive as they have to be hand reared but Shilo has thrived and is now very fit and healthy .

Shilo is a really big character but doesn’t know he is a horse. He is very bold and inquisitive, always the first one to investigate anything new. As a foal he loved nothing more than playing with his ball, throwing and chasing it around the field for hours. He recently started his training and has got used to wearing a saddle and bridle and is doing some Empathic Horsemanship groundwork.

Now his favourite new trick is to snatch the saddle blanket off and throw it around before you can put the saddle on ! Shilo is a bit late starting his ridden work due to Jane being unwell last summer and unable to work with him but now he is doing very well and we are sure he will be an asset to the equine team at the farm.

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