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Poppit is a 17 year old black, 13hh registered fell pony. She came to me when her owner and breeder had to cut down the number of ponies they kept for health reasons. Poppit came with her mother Judy who I sadly lost a couple of years ago.

I miss Judy very much, she was a wonderful pony and a great character. The fells are a rare breed with only a few hundred registered breeding mares left.

When we first met Poppit she had only ever run wild with a herd and was totally unhandled.

It took quite a bit of time to gain her trust and for her to accept all the everyday things that happen to the horses and ponies we keep in the course of caring for them. Things such as having a halter on, being led, eating food from a bowl, seeing traffic and having her feet picked up, to name just a few, were all completely new to her.

Today Poppit is a lovely pony to handle, very kind and willing to please. She is used as a therapy pony and to teach our Empathic Horsemanship. She has a special trick of waving her front leg on command to “say please” for a treat of apple or carrot.

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