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Panda is the youngest current resident at the stables. He came to us as his owner and breeder did not want him because of his size and colouring were not what he was looking for in the current equine market.

It was threatened that he may be sent to the knacker man if a home was not found. Of course we were happy to take him on.


Panda is a rising four-year-old traditional heavy weight black and white Gypsy Cob with a huge personality. He has an amazingly loving and loyal temperament and a great character, he is a favourite amongst the rangers and visitors at the yard.


Panda is a very willing horse that loves to extend his knowledge with different activities such as Liberty, Natural Horsemanship and recently light riding work. He was recently backed on the 28th of June and is riding away confidently with and without tack. He is very responsive to his training and takes to any new activities quickly and calmly.


Both Jane and Milly are positive that he will make a great addition to the Equine Therapy Program that will be offered when visiting the Phoenix Equestrian.

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