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Lucky is a 34” miniature horse cross Shetland red and white stallion. He came to us aged 9 as he was no longer wanted for breeding and although he had been used as a driving pony for children his slightly deformed hooves meant that he had limitations.

His foot condition caused him to be in pain when driven on the hard roads. His gypsy owners thought it would be best to have him put down but we were happy to offer him a home and give him the chance of recovery and a quiet life being well looked after. He is much better now although his hooves will always be a problem.

Regular trims by our farrier and careful feeding keep his condition under control and he is able to enjoy life with his good friend Alfie.

Lucky is a very handsome pony, good to groom and likes lots of fuss and attention. Because of his foot condition he is not suitable as a riding or driving pony but he is a lovely character and we all enjoy having him around.

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