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mr bumble

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Mr Bumble is a 17 year old, 15 hands black heavy weight gelding from France. He has been with us at Shamba for 7 years.

I found him in a sorry state at a dealers yard in Norfolk. He had been picked up in France bound for slaughter and had been travelling around the continent in a lorry for 3 days.

When he first came to us he was very thin and had a large sarcoid (cancerous lesion ) on his face. He was also wary of people due to being ill treated previously.

I spent lots of time with him gaining his confidence and trust and he is now a firm favourite at the yard. He is the herd leader and very protective of his lady friends in the field.

Thankfully natural remedies have completely cured his sarcoid and there is not trace to be seen. He is a kind and safe riding horse once you have bonded with him.

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