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Gracie is a lovely piebald (black and white), 14 1hh trotter cross cob mare. She is very sweet and gentle and adores attention.

Gracie came to us after having a very difficult start in life being used as a trotter for road racing. Driven hard, whipped and pushed to the limit. We took her in 8 years ago and at that time she was very nervous of most people and particularly of men.

It was obvious that she had recently had a foal taken from her and as a result was especially traumatised. Many months of careful handling, love and attention regained her trust and allowed her to relax and enjoy life again.

Now Gracie is always the first to want to come to you in the field and just loves to be groomed, fussed and made to feel special. Gracie is a favourite with our visitors and now has a safe home for life at Shamba farm.

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