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Gemma came to Shamba Haven in 2009. She is a lovely 13.2hh fell cross grey roan 17 year old mare. She was not well treated before coming to live with us and was left to starve in a field when her owners lost interest. Thankfully a kind passer noticed that she was thin and shivering with the cold and alerted a local stables.

She was taken in to their care but unfortunately they could not keep her permanently so another home had to be found. I heard about her and went to meet her. I loved her and immediately said I would take her home. Gemma was very thin and nervous when she arrived at our yard but with time and care she has put on condition and is now a very loving and trusting pony.

She has a home for life with us and is happily settled with her friends Bumble, Gracie and Poppet.

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