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Name Charlotte Moller  
Call sign Fire Fly  
Age 15  
Star sign Taurus  
Joined Shamba 13 December 2015  
Role Junior Ranger  
Rank Fire Starter  
Height 5ft 6  
Marital Status  Single  
Gender Female  


When Charlotte joined The Shamba Experience, her goal was to learn about horses and the equestrian world, she wanted to know what it was like to look after horses and care for them.

on a personal level she wanted to be more outgoing and build her confidence and self esteem to improve her communication skills. Charlotte is a key leader in all group activities, (i.e. the first one to pick up a spade) and makes sure she learns as much from the experience as possible.

Charlotte has started to learn to ride horses and aims to work with Milly to gain more knowledge to further her understanding and grow her skills and talents not only for working with horses but also developing personality characteristics to enhance her positive mental attitude. She has overcome challenges with the confidence she has created and found a new level of courage that lifts her out of her regular comfort zone

Before she came to the shamba she was saying no to most activities with her friends and would spend most days in her room until she went to bed, but since making an effort by coming to help at The Shamba she has become more focused, determined, motivated and energized to participate and get involved, not only to get involved but to lead teams of people.

Charlotte has discovered an ability to work with WordPress, one of the worlds most accepted blogging platforms and is learning how to maintain The Shamba Experience groups of online assets from basic website design and development to reputation management using social media.

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